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Bristol Wasp Nest Removal - Faster, Safer Control

Why Is Bristol Wasp Nest Removal So Popular?

Reason 1 - We Get To You Fast - Wasps treated the very same day, if required. So you are safer, faster
Reason 2 - We are affordable - Simple pricing helps you save money
Reason 3 - We Are Local - No call centres or hard sell - just friendly, experienced help

Bristol Wasp Nest Removal have been safely removing wasp and hornet nests throughout the Bristol, Bath and North Somerset area for many years and it is our experience exterminating wasps and hornets that allows us to do it so quickly and safely.

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The hornet has by far the most painful sting, so we take every precaution when treating these insects. hornet nests are quite small, with a population of a few hundred, yet the size of these insects is impressive and so is the sting they have.

When getting rid of wasps and hornets we treat every nest differently and indeed every wasp nest is in itself unique and beautiful.

A wasp nest begins when the queen comes out of hibernation and builds the wasp nest to the size of a small apple. By this time the queen's daughters or workers now carry on where the queen left of, building, supplying and defending the wasp nest from all threats.

A fully developed wasp nest can hold well over 20000 workers, and these nests are dangerous even for seasoned pest control experts.

bristol wasp nest removal

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10 Great Reasons To Call Bristol Wasp Nest Removal:

Local - You are supporting a Bristol Pest Control Business With No annoying Call centres

Value - You Will save money on any future treatments with our loyalty programme

Trust - We have an excellent reputation, with RSPH Qualified and BASIS Accredited Staff

Convenience - You benefit from our weekend and evening availability

Reliable - You Know we turn up when we promise to

Quality - All your work is done properly - we never take short cuts or use low quality materials

Code Of Practice - We adhere to the BPCA code of practice - 5 million PL Insurance.

Free Advice - When you need it, so you can always make an informed decision

Training - On-going CPD ensures our service to you continues to improve

Health & Safety - We take this very seriously and have a Written Health & Safety policy

Wasp nests need to be controlled by a professional pest control service because a mature nest can contain tens of thousands of wasps. If a person gets stung in close proximity to a nest then a chemical released by a stinging wasp alerts the nest, and they attack in significant numbers. They attack the threat or person, who is now chemically tagged, and persist until they feel the threat is gone.

Avon and North Somerset are expected to have higher than average stinging and biting insect populations in 2012 so please stay vigilant for heavy activity in trees and bushes surrounding your gardens and open spaces where wasps and hornets regularly like to nest.

After two years where the summer has been both wet and cold, wildlife has been hammered by poor conditions. This year has been quite different and the mild start followed by a heat wave and continuing warm climate means that we are seeing a rapid recovery in ALL insect numbers, particularly those that bite us and sting us.

In Bristol and North Somerset Wasps have made a remarkable recovery and we expect to see many more of them as we move into early autumn.

For more pest control advice call Bristol Wasp Nest Removal today, so we help you, your family and your customers enjoy a safer summer.

Wasp traps and deterrents

We have the very latest traps and lures to help keep wasps at bay and make BBQ's more enjoyable. Simply call us to learn more.

At Bristol Wasp Nest Removal we work with some of the UK's most prestigious hotel groups and tourist venues, successfully reducing stinging and biting insect numbers, keeping staff and customers safer. To join our list of satisfied customers call us today for more information on our services.